Bad Habits Portrayed by Minecraft #2

Објављено 19 нов 2020
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I present to you Bad Habits Portrayed in Minecraft Part 2! Please enjoy and subscribe.
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Music Used:
Minecraft by C418
Stal by C418
Droopy likes your face by C418
Haggstrom by C418
Wet Hands by C418
Danny by C418
Subwoofer Lullaby by C418
Hard Bass School - Narkotik Kal (Instrumental Edit)
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ...

Patriotville \u0026 Freedom County City map by Poison__Ivy


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  • Really in the middle of the video 😡

  • Dayum: pls keep watching Us: You have no power here!

  • Am I drunk cause I did not see that guy on the road either

  • Maybe a video on cat people verses dog people

  • Android filmora pls

  • Why did you have to expose us like that

  • *steering wheel is on righthand side* What are you? Bri' 'ish?

  • Dayum's voice: 10000000000000000/0.00000000000001

  • The bee: ya like j a z z?


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  • Vodka make you lucky 🤣

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  • I just did a project on mitosis and meiosis lol

  • My bad habits - picking nose - picking lips - running and breaking my knee for no apparent reason

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  • Whats so bad Abt overeating?

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  • Dayum: I pay for whole speedometer so I use whole speedometer. Child: walks. Dayum: so I took that personally.

  • dayum: Being atticted to RScycle Me:I'm offended

  • drinking too much alcohol causes health issues and cancer 0:59

  • overeating can also be extreme hunger, it's when no matter how much you eat you still feel hungry

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  • 1:15 when school’s out

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  • 2:47 is litterally what i do

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  • Copy and paste pfffffft whattttttt noooooo

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  • For those who watched to the end, How many likes are dislikes?

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  • whats the car mod?

  • "Being Addicted To RScycle" Him: I'm Talking About You *SAVAGE ALERT* (maybe)

  • 6:10 Y'know, subwoofer lullaby isn't that bad sped up

  • U should eat sunlight ,air and water as u r a 🌲🌲

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  • 0:42 Me : *looks at time* “2:18 am” Me: *sigh*

  • 9:02 NOONE: LEGIT NOONE: Dayum: "piss cow" *he ended up being badass*

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  • 1:00 I see nothing wrong

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  • I rate 5/10

  • I copy and paste lol but not that often

  • I do like jazz, btw nice voice

  • I don’t think being forgetful is a bad habit, I mean it’s bad thing to be forgetful but it’s not a bad habit.

  • Well, i think skipping ads is right, ads are Mae to get people buy your shit but in the end its always bad quality or you just get scammed and they take your time

  • Him turn the screen and press the dislike button Le me who has screen rotation always on :hehe boi 😎

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  • 0:58 Russians:its water

  • Hmm,yes,vodka has luck.

  • Me : if good enchatments then where thorns?

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  • I read the title as "Bad habits portrayed by smoking" which made no sense lmao

  • DAVI

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  • 1:10 раз раз раз это хард басс!!

  • 1:14 more like *BEING RUSSIAN*

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  • 1:29 there is russian flag but under the that serbia flag btw im from serbia

  • "Being addicted to RScycle" Aren't you also technically addicted to RScycle cuz you post a lot????

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  • Rabbit

  • 0:42 fine I will unsubscribe and leaving this channel Bye

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  • Русский Английский Yeyee khardbass russkiye odobryayu otobryayu Возможно, вы имели в виду: Еее хардбасс русские одобряю одобряю Her hardbass Russians approve of taking away

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  • Ah yes, i too like smelling the flames of blue fire from torches while my house's flooring is hay

  • Minecraft logic not making sense part 1: Stepping on Minecraft cake but not getting smashed…

  • 2:51 what a fat kid sees at all u can est buffet

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  • more like "bad's habits"

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  • feelin bad for the 3.1k people who flipped their screen then clicked the like button

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  • I don't think I'm addicted to YT cuz I took a 4 weeks break cuz my phone having a virus good job me for downloading a virus :D

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