Comments Portrayed by Minecraft

Објављено 13 мај 2021
Yo bruhs, I'm back with another video! This time its types of comments portrayed by Minecraft! Be sure to like and subscribe if you can relate!
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Patriotville \u0026 Freedom County City map by Poison__Ivy
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up | Minecraft Note Block Song by acatterz

In this video, I'm portraying different types of comments made by various types of people in different types of websites especially RScycle in Minecraft! There are all sorts of people like those who types first, rick rolls people, checking the number of dislikes, asking for subscribers, fun facts, wholesome comments, social justice warriors, correcting grammar, self-proclaimed doctors, making pointless arguments, asking people to check out their music, funny comments, copied comments, and annoying ones.


  • you are a noob 😉

  • The chicken came first then it laid the egg if the egg came first there would be nothing to protect it and it would be destroyed

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  • 3:58 is that real ??

  • 7:06 Stan got ROASTED

  • I got Rickrolled at 23 june

  • Oh! I just got a Minecraft notification!

  • Tf... I just got an add for minecraft why would they need an add- then again I get adds for toilet paper ect

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  • 5:06 Guilty, sorry. :/

  • Not funny dude, thats disturbing. Aint liking the thumbnail

  • I have done ladder mlg

  • I'm the Duolingo Fan.... I mean, I obviously don't like Duolingo *but I'm known for correcting people's grammar online and in real life....*

  • You Forgot the one where they are like GaMeRs We NeEd FoRtNiTe(or Roblox) GiFt CaRdS mE: wE cAn EaSiLy GeT tHeM fRoM *_(*inset scam website here*)_*

  • 7:03 I was eating popcorn while watching that

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  • fun fact huh, heres one? everything you see is upside down in australia

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  • "Pointless arguments" Me: *_Interesting_*

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  • Funfact : everyone try to writing the comment he hate

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  • u forgot the cursed ones who just comment "comment"

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  • I like how much effort you put into accurately remaking a Rick Roll.

  • Google search: Twitter portrayed by Minecraft The search: *Minecraft nether update*

  • I am just here to see this video again before this blows up

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  • If people are not gonna comment useful things then why do you have a phone at 7 years bro

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