Holidays Portrayed by Minecraft

Објављено 2 феб 2021
Hey bruhs, here's different types holiday celebrations portrayed in Minecraft. Enjoy and remember to like and subscribe!
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Patriotville \u0026 Freedom County City map by Poison__Ivy

In this video, holidays such as April fools, New year eve, Easter day, Mother's day and Father's day are portrayed by Minecraft. Hopefully, this Minecraft meme is funny to you and you enjoy it!


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  • Epic

  • Hmm...i should get this vid a 2M Subs! :)just for greatest vids!

  • 2:21 new species of illager - dayum

  • tommyinnit's: MUM AM I ADOPTED :mum yeah tommy: oh... This version: mom am I adopted? Mom: yeah (notice that there is no oh...)

  • You are not only cute, but also delicious!)

  • “Mom when is dad coming back from his 7 year long trip to get milk”?

  • Dayum is so close to 1 million subs

  • Or not happy 2020

  • Villager massacre

  • DAVI

  • 2:11 I CAN'T-

  • Hahahaha

  • Whats the easter day? Feather day?

  • 0:15 BAD 2020!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dayum: Just A Prank Bro. Villagers: **Burns To Death**

  • you cant spell father without the fat

  • 2:12 dude that was cruel a f*ck...


  • Yes, April Fools is definitely the worst and most irritating holiday ever. People go too far.

  • Happy 2020 more like SAD 2020

  • The 2020 new year's was 100% accurate.

  • its not 2020 its 2021 silly

  • 2:10 The dad be like...

  • 2:33 Getting stuck in your own web of lies...


  • 2:22 *inserts doom music*

  • Lol

  • 0:20 Fire: Corona Virus Ghasts: Karen’s FireBalls: helping to spread virus WAIT WHY DOSE THE TIMESTAMP SAY 0:20

  • 2.20 was part of

  • People when 2020 started: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! People later 2020: I regret 2020

  • all the 1,129 dislikes are from the people who are upsidedown

  • At the end "don't like this wideo?.... Flip your screen upsidown People with auto flip Bruh

  • New year acrurate to the core

  • 0:20 What's Name of this Holiday?

  • 1:01 Diabetes Mode: On

  • Cartoons portrated by minecraft

  • Tommy: Mom, am I adopted? Mom : Yes Tommy: Still!!!! Mom: Yesssssss!!!!

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  • 1:20 we all know where this is going

  • Make Battle royale ganes protrayed by minecraft Like PG3D PUBG AND FREE FIRE plz accpett it Plz

  • That fathers day was not funny My father truly left me

  • The New Years one is so accurate

  • Imagine someone setting the whole city on fire for just 1 single prank....

  • 1:26 tommyinnit said that

  • Hi

  • “I can’t wait for him to see this when he comes back from buying milk!” *I felt that.*

  • When you said happy 2020! And tried to blow firework rocket you went to nether because of covid 19 Who is reading this comment in 2020 or after 2020 will understand

  • I remember he buy milk then never came back since then

  • New year disaster

  • Hello dayum

  • 1:09 happy mother's day!

  • Its today momday

  • The garbage of one is the treasure of another: beautiful phrase, bad way to find out that you are adopted

  • 1:32 windows xp shutdown but in 0.75x speed

  • i like t and i still flied my screen lol

  • Dayums age is 11

  • Me:Mom am i adopted? Mom:Yeah Me:🤔😏

  • 2020 sucks

  • In india we don't get holiday on April fools day

  • So we just gonna ignore the fact that when he eats the egg it fits perfectly with the music?

  • Dayum: I can't wait to hit this to him when he comes back from buying milk Me: Nice Me finally realizing: HOLY SH-

  • "Mum am I adopted" "Yeah" *silence* Where the "oh..." at??

  • do a this video will annoy you

  • I feel bad for for ever adopted Tommyinit it's true bc Tommyinit is s toxic ugly idiot

  • Early

  • 2:10 :'v

  • Damm it’s the Father’s Day foe me

  • 2:12 i know that story its from life portrayed by minecraft

  • When he April fool all I see a cave i fast see this around cave see in 2:19

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  • That mothers day was like tommyinnit

  • Why villagers try not to kill you?

  • 1:25 salute to Tommyinnit

  • Why did you said the whole village on fire

  • Father+milk=adios

  • Dude. Its 2021. Remember?

  • Dayum:happy 2020! Ghasts: 2020 IS THE WORST!

  • "Mom, am i adopted?" Of course you are, your mom is human, and you're a tree.

  • At The April fools one he was wearing armor but what armor? Answer: wood armor =)

  • 1:31 tommyinnit moment

  • April fools ain't a joke Edit:prank*

  • Tommyinnit: mom am I adopted? Tommy's mom: yeah Tommyinnit: oh ._.

  • 0:20 : This is How The 2019 is Died

  • *muuuuum am I adopteeeddd?*

  • 2:16 when you want a revenge because villager always kills you when you prank them

  • 1:28 this like TommyInnit and hes Mom 🤣

  • After watching the April Fools one, im now wondering if arson should be legal.

  • 2020 not happy

  • ‘Happy 2020!” NO 2020 WAS NOT HAPPY

  • The year when they create the video: 2021 What he said: happy 2020!

  • Haha committing arson prank

  • Easter is just chocolate month

  • I really flipped my phone and disliked your video (actually like)

  • Dayum: mom am i adopted Mom: yeah So thats means that is why dayum is a wood

  • O jazzghost me apresentou esse canal então eu fui e me inscrevi

  • oh yeah 2020 was bad..................

  • What about Valentine’s Day or st Patrick’s day

  • The"mom am I adopted" makes me remember that tommyinnit is adopted

    • @geetha sibyala i already knew that

  • Hello best friend