Holidays Portrayed by Minecraft #2

Објављено 16 феб 2021
Hey bruhs, here's different types holiday celebrations portrayed in Minecraft part 2! Enjoy and remember to like and subscribe!
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Music Used:
Haggstrom by C418
Subwoofer Lullaby by C418
Wet Hands by C418
Mice on Venus by C418
Minecraft by C418
Danny by C418
Stal by C418
Strad by C418
Demised To Shield by Ghostrifter Official
Prelude and Action by Kevin MacLeod
Investigation by Kevin MacLeod
The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
Scheming Weasel by Kevin MacLeod
Breaktime by Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeod (
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Maps Used:
Patriotville \u0026 Freedom County City map by Poison__Ivy

In this video, I'm portraying holidays like Labor day, Friendship day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Teacher's day, Children's day, Valentine's day, Christmas, Vegan day, Halloween, Veteran's day and Earth day in Minecraft. Hopefully, this Minecraft meme is funny to you and you enjoy it!


  • Ah yes commit arson on children's day

  • U forgot da Pride month u homophobe

  • popular stores potrayed by minecraft

  • killing villager day hahahah

  • I’m so exited I hope you guys go to the beach for three days like me Omg like tomorrow I’m going to the beach and we’re gonna go to the rides and get some candy go to the beach If you wanna know what’s it’s called it’s called Ocean casino resort It’s the beat place Because they took a hard time making it and something happened 100 years ago there was a tornado in Atlantic City 🏙 And then some ppl died please go here it’s so nice there’s a hotel games Food court you can ask workers for help to go there Also I’m gonna tell you what my room looks like in the hotel So it has a really nice closet I’m grateful because my mom said it’s not enough hangers but i appreciate their hard work There’s two kind beds with two sides to sleep in There’s also a pool Fire place with seats they even give you a map where to go There are cleaners Also if there are some stains they can’t really do there best because some stains don’t really clean off so please be grateful 😊 Also you can bring another blanket because I don’t really like the blanket but it’s your decision so ye You can get candy 🍭 Bending machine Three lights Beautiful view from the window You can get Xbox Nintendo ps numbers you can connect to the tv so don’t worry There’s kinda old stuff in the television but it’s nice shows there’s spongbob to my favorite 🤩 Sorry if dis long I just wanna tell you guys to go to this relaxing place it’s really cool oh and you can get a ride because walking is so boring but you can exercise walking There’s an ocean it’s so nice you can bring anything to the ocean but don’t go on the rock where it says don’t go danger Sign It’s really nice 👍 There’s a really nice shower 🚿 Two soap bars You can go buy small soaps So ye but seriously go there it’s super relaxing but if you feel a hole DONT GO THERE the life guard said a kid drowned in there so be careful and yes you can go Surfing 🏄‍♀️ like go right now in the morning Peace can’t wait for tomorrow 😭😭🤩🤩🤩🌊🌊🌊😂😂😎😎😎😊

  • Kill MudEr on kid day

  • Well done on 1 million

  • Library DaTing Skipping Bookdisplays..

  • His outro is like: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sure!, I will dislike😂😂

  • Omg u so stereotype we only shot people on wensday and on nights and when ever we fell like it so rude

  • Dayum was Rejected

  • The earth day really a twist

  • 1th,🤣

  • The Valentine's is literally my dream ever daydream about a girl for some reason

  • 1th? 😂😂

  • “Youll never get a PS5 on Black Friday” Me who already has a PS5:

  • Most of the people didn't notice this 0:15 "1th"

  • 1th may lol

  • World:Happy holidays! Me:*sleeping*

  • "1th May 2021" *Aight then.*

  • I love earth day❤️

  • Me in valentine's day: this day is hell Some Guy: why? you dont have a gf? Me: i love not having a gf Some guy: then why is a hell? Me: i hate my bday. and today is my bday.

  • We don't celebrate Thanksgiving lol

  • 0:13 1st*

  • When the santa is sus 😳

  • 0:39 Strike!

  • Mother's day maybe?

  • Vim pelo Gui

  • DAVI

  • Children's day? Ha! Wouldn't it be funny if children were respected enough

  • Why valentis?! :(

  • I think I sound like an idiot but the hell is friendship day?

  • I feel sad That some of these holiday we dont have in Sweden.

  • I want my Wii Pony

  • No,cause 1+1=2,not 11

  • Ah yes 1th may

  • Love

  • Akshay Kumar

  • His Calendar on Labor Day : Hey! It’s May The Firth!

  • Valentine's is just like in the video lol

  • why did u eat me? are u crazy i will get revenge!!!!!!!! calls turkish productions turkish productions: fuck you turkishcult shut up

  • You guys have Childrens day😅

  • I thougth she really like u on valentines day andcit was all just a dream lol

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  • 4:16 how did I know it was gonna do the among us kill sound?

  • “Thanksgiving” My family: “ _Afterall, why not?_ “ “ _Why should we not celebrate it?_ “

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  • years later

  • 6"290292929929292929292929292929299292929292020292929292

  • Whats the "labor day"? "World vegan day"? "veterans day"? "Thanks for watching"?

  • My favorite holiday is personally the 1th of May!

  • *" Light it up, boys "*

  • Search "The Builder" 100% you'll reconise that song.

  • man: *litters* kid who thinks hes in minecraft: *that'll despawn later*

  • 3:27 thats so true! :,'(

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  • 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Guys hit the like icon so he can get a girlfriend

  • I like how dayum just commits genocide on little kids on children's day

  • Children's day was crazy

  • Save earth chan

  • the skin from veterans day is hank from Detroit become human

  • are the people in the video are actors?

  • Boy this guy's just got friend zoned!

  • I like how nobody's talking about 1th of may

  • I flip my phone and i press the like button that i see...

  • Good job on almost getting 1 mill

  • 😒😒😒😒🤮🤢🤒

  • i laugh so hard in childrwns day

  • Hey my birthday is the first holiday in the vid!!

  • You for USSA?

  • 4:19 ah yes Santa is a murderer now

  • 3:02 oh wow yea on Valentine’s Day make HER row the boat

  • 0:46 way to get stuck in the friend zone

  • Haga sad boi Valentines is just a dream😆😆for. Single

  • Dayum 1999 was blown up by Dayum 1999 Visible Confusion.

  • So nobody is gonna talk about his building skills?

  • Face and Voice reveal

  • May 1st is my birthday

  • Please tell the link of the gun mod I want it to my RScycle video

  • The turkey was not roasted

  • (1:38)(2:04) *b a b y v i l l a g e r s*

  • 3:04 For a second I thought it was Vice City.

  • I didn't even know children's day existed. I think it should be a norm here in our country. Children are essential as fathers, mothers and grandparents.

  • Good halloween costume

  • Im vegan i love vegan day

  • The amount of time took him to build that city.... I can't even build a house ....One little house is like a 9999999 hours to Me... But that city is......999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (unlimited ) hours for meh :(

  • mans got friendzone (1 like = 1 rip for friendzoned homies)

  • For the valentine's day one I don't even get the pleasure of the dream.

  • It was nice while it lasted 3:14

  • for The halloween one, I thought Karen was going to say "trick" and pull out a diamond sword.

  • 0:13 I'm unsubbing u sucks bye the worst channel ever in the world

  • What about “earth day”?

  • 1+1= 2!!!!

  • 2:04 what's that music playing??? it cracked me up

  • My mother land thanks for made a children day and thank you atatürk