Life of a Minecraft Simp

Објављено 20 јан 2021
Hey bruhs! In this video, I'm portraying how its like to be a Simp in Minecraft.
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Here's a Minecraft simp. He will do anything for his "Queen" to the point he gave up his dignity. He gives her all his stuff, protect her and most importantly respect her. He thinks he is the white knight of this girl. However, she took it for granted and treats him like dirt, exploiting him to the limits without feeling any remorse. Simp is happy in his bubble, even though one day the girl found a boyfriend, he is still in denial and is sure that he will one day be the one next to her, only if she wants of course. Hopefully, someone will pop Simp's bubble and show him the reality. Hope this Minecraft meme video is funny and sad to you and you enjoy it!


  • Just admit it, all of us at some point simped for someone in Minecraft

  • Revenge !!

  • If i would be you i would make a diamond sword and kill the guRL

  • Never simp but the fact I have a wife and people call me a simp because I say " wait what now?" but tbh does it count as a simp if I have a wife? I'll take the criticism

  • don’t worry, it’s just SMP but spelled wrong

  • And if after all that she still doesnt want you Step 1: take all her stuff Step2: fill her house in obsideon Step 3: cover her house in obsideon Step 4: laugh

  • Everyone: *watching video* Me trying to see if i get the 147k like in the video if i like: .-.

  • i want to go and blow the hose

  • I was expecting her to get killed at the end

  • Don't give the girl all your stuff dude

  • Can you make part 2 of it and kill her Boyfriend

  • next time pls make the simp kill and disrespect the girl at the end

  • She no loves to you cuz u r a wood Girls need learn to love wood :c

  • I would have liked it more if you had set the house on fire. LoL

  • This is REALLY COOL

  • Bunker reminds me of yandere chan wall of senpai things

  • 6:19 if I were there I would've got out the iron axe and destroy her

  • Since there’s a 500 reply limit I’m saying that I don’t have any friends with Minecraft so no


  • That girl is that one player that dont give a dang

  • im sad there was no "im a guy" joke

  • I can tell this girl is very rude lol

  • I simp for a simp Who is a Super Intense and intelligent Minecraft Pro

  • That woman is a bitch

  • As an expert simp, I can guarantee that this is almost 100% true.

  • Simp have a good side and a bad side. Whatever you chose you play with it. Here is a simp list: 89% not simp - 67% Simp 48% none.

  • Simp: oh yeah take my life savings, take my entire life

  • i never simped for anyone before, but a lot boys would simp for me, it was kinda cringy tho, im used to it.

  • The thing that makes all of us frustrated isn't him simping for her,it's her being so fucking mean,even after he literally gaved her EVERYTHING she still threats him like trash

  • #Simp

  • Who want part 2 like this dayum can see this

  • At this point, I'm angry at that girl. As a female though, I don't like boys getting mistreated like damn, wHy? 😥

  • Pls make a video of unkilling the boyfriend

  • Super intense Minecraft player

  • Ohh it's just a villager hahahaha

  • Poor dayum

  • When she burnt the poppy if it was me i would have pushed her in lava

  • *I've been insulted, disrespected, i've been miss treated!*

  • Ya know when he hits you you just kill him cuz ya have a sword

  • Plz make part 2 if this video where u take revenge from her

  • Need a Dream XD for Dayum in Part 2

  • *Moral: Simp ❤️ Gold Digger ❤️ Big Nose.*

  • This make me remember of someone who simp at me lol 🤣

  • 0:13 TRIGGERED Also,you don't give a damn that you were called a simp?

  • Why do I feel bad😟. I'm not no damn sensitive kid so wth 😩

  • As a wise man told me, "Never waste your diamonds on a hoe."

  • i have been simped over in minecraft... its so awkward...

  • That House Was made by Dayum man! C'mon 😀

  • plot twist: she’s a lesbian


  • Dayum be like:ah~ah~ah~ah show you a finer life

  • Dont simp guys its just a waste and not cool be a chad

  • This is relatable

  • 7:38 i can like but can't subscribe because i admitting that im a simp and can't help to remove


  • S uper I nsane M inecraft P layer

  • There’s 2 things that are alike Simp: help them cuz they pretty and get used Help: help a friend and don’t get used and play with together forever

  • The "gamergirl66" won't like him Cause: She likes villager = she want to mary with a villager Dayum likes "gamergirl66" Cause: Dayum likes player not villager 🤣🤣😂😂

  • I'm not a simp in mc 😎

  • how i play minecraft; kill anyone on slight

  • You got a new subscriber!!! Congrats🎉🥳👏

  • You mean S.I.M.P Super Intense Minecraft Player or Squirrels In My Pants

  • sad dayum

  • Do not simp son

  • if there is something important that the god CHAD told me during training is: "never run after something you will soon surpass"

  • DAVI

  • If she steals mah house i will go to nether mine some 102 ancient debris make armor and stuff and enchant it and spawn kill her NOICE If she tries to make me simp for her imma kill her 102 times

  • Damn....this is relatable

  • the dislikes are the simps

  • Plot twist : all this was real and he didn't know it was getting recorded and then he decided to post it

  • Best simp to ever exist

  • Truth but they actually liked me

  • Fuck this video make me angry

  • At the end he found out that queen was a king

  • -_-

  • I always simp of mu cousin

  • After all this Months F

  • This is too sad :(

  • Simping is just like loving your worst enemy

  • That's why you shouldn't be SIMP

  • that's why I kill everyone expect my friends

  • Me who still play alone Guess im not a simp

  • why do i want ssomeone to be a sinp for me? lol

  • Boys: They give me stuff, they must be god Girls: they give me stuff, I must be a god

  • 1:50 lmao i felt so bad when she threw his wholesome lil flower in the lava

  • If she done this to me i will maka a torture machine

  • Stuck-up bitk

  • I feel sad for him 😞

  • I laughed so hard at thumbnail of this video lmao 😂

  • This girl is evil Don,t love hm

  • Never simping for someone in minecraft :v But i'd luv to try it

  • Im fully aware this is a sketch but for some reason it still really boils my blood watching him give all his stuff away

  • I didnt

  • I actually felt bad

  • thats a bad bad girl ur items why would u give it to her u dummy

  • Before dating After at year: AM TIRED U GIRL