Social Websites Portrayed by Minecraft

Објављено 17 дец 2020
Hey guys, welcome back to another portrayed by Minecraft video! This time I'm portraying different types of social media in Minecraft! As always, remember to like and subscribe!
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Music Used:
Cat by C418
Haggstrom by C418
Wet Hands by C418
Subwoofer Lullaby by C418
Mice on Venus by C418
Minecraft by C418
Stal by C418
Trance Music for Racing Game by Bobby Cole
Last Horizon by Silent Partner
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable OST - The Trap Has Been Set
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Investigation by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod

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Patriotville \u0026 Freedom County City map by Poison__Ivy


  • I had enough internet for today

  • Dad: get me the charger. me:i need it for my school to charge my device .dad:fiiiiine (sneakily get charger from his sons device ) me: wakes up me:..........daaaaaaaaaaaaad

  • The twitter one is sooooo freaking accurate

  • LeTs hit 1M Su

  • dneirF olleH. anoroC nI eniF erA uoY epoH I.

  • Reddit be like *[removed]*

  • Amino: PURE CHAOS

  • Tinder should of had an oak sapling

  • My uncle's name is actually John so that was offensive kind of

  • Yeah the former president was like that

  • save the DOG or else i sub to him so give me a dog and dimonds

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  • Almost here! 1.000.000

  • I'll press the upside down dislike button

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  • "zero deaths in the oldest anarchy server" also the oldest anarchy server that is 2b2t:filled with hackers that kill you easy is he FitMC?

  • I've just been so focused on the OSTs in this and thinking about like the old tutorial world(s)

  • Close to 1m~

  • It's true for twitter vine yt tik tok Never had reddit Discord nah Tinder(Definetly)(never had it) Can't say anything about quora Not sure about Tumblr Not sure about pintrest LinkedIn I never heard of in my life Instagram never used at all I can't use facebook(not 18) And that's it

  • Thanks for including Quora, love that platform!

  • I hope the doggo is ok

  • Just subscribed

  • "I want to speak to your manager" Karens on Facebook?

  • Is ur name Daniel rosenfeld? Wtf

  • 0:48

  • Fun fact: I have 0 deaths on 2b2t cuz I don’t play it

  • @225 ashley from rage is there who knows ashley Because i do

  • Instagram has weird sides of it-

  • We all new what would happen in poki’s server

  • Well is it just me or all grandparents just belive everything on facebools real I remember when I was 6 and had a nightmare and then my gran would say "it's not real it's just a dream" Now I have to say when my nan sees stuff in Facebook "it's not real it's just Facebook "

  • 7:27 XD 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Boş

  • Woow

  • You forgot the right wing political grandparents on Facebook

  • 0:48 kpop sucks

  • Anybody else just Love writing books for your own custom Maps That you make on xbox 360 because xbox one dont have manual save? I hope they bring it back. Offline couch co op worlds should be easy to implememt

  • Oh no its you again. Well I think I like this.

  • For tiktok I would literally just go into 3rd person back, then hit shift a few times

  • Trump is pop English and Turkeyy🇹🇷🇬🇧🇹🇷🇬🇧🇹🇷🇬🇧🇹🇷🇬🇧💙

  • Dream is so gay

  • Those who disliked forgot to flip their screen upside down.

  • Okay me to Russia.

  • You skin to wooden (^3^♪

  • English quora: (English Just some dumb questions and kids German quora: We only have intellectuals!!!!!!

  • You forgot Stackoverflow: Q: Which is better... A: closed. This question is opinion based Q: how to... A: closed. This question has been marked as a duplicate

  • you forgot the steam fourms

  • Mc new caves and cliffs trailer ad pop out another time I have mcpe that have caves and cliffs update

  • did you build that buildings you only ur have friends

  • U forgot twitch

  • Uhhh Ashley?

  • hi dayum im so lucky that your video is so cool so make cool video dayum is so cool dayum pls....

  • 7:25 Your own Miracle from DJ Max Reference?

  • Facebook is all fun and games until you take a wrong turn-

  • i like this type of video

  • twitter would be more accurate if it were filled with baby zombies

  • Next: Minecraft portrayed by social media.

  • the player puts in the chat in a server: simp the player: gets banned from the sever

  • I did all of them

  • If I made this video: (When I get to Facebook) Because you posted a rat that is tottaly a *****,we banned you

  • Twitter is so fucking accurate

  • 3:46 as a regular tumblr user i can confirm this is completely accurate

  • This is so accurate



  • I liked to not get diamond but to save the dog

  • Look at the analitcs

  • "just flip your screen and press the dislike button" Me who watched this on mobile:, **Casually flips screen and the screen flips over again**

  • 7:37 How facebook mods moderate stuff

  • 0:56 when you say "Dream is gay" on Twitter And die Walking into fire whilst figth Pillager

  • I didn’t subscribe

  • dream is gay

  • to dayum gonna try to...

  • the Twitter one was so true

  • 0:48 POV: your a dream x George x sapnap x technoblade x badboyhalo shipper This is what happens ---> 0:53 (Im sorry if you ship this its just a joke*

  • RScycle is inaccurate, you forgot about a word from our sponsor


  • Quora is very underrated I’m surprised it’s in here

  • 0:51 LMAOOOOOOO 🤣

  • Twitter is really relatable

  • 3:24 that sounds like music back in the days

  • Sim/no

  • random girl: i wanna speak to your manager dayum: s t a y b a c c , s a t a n

  • You should've said "dream isn't gay" and that would've raised a way bigger shit storm

  • 1:01 is gay

  • Twitter is a hell site where everyone thinks they’re right and everyone else is wrong

  • My favourite part has to be the sounds of the keyboard tho...

  • Twitter is pretty good

  • I hate you lol i un sub and i dislike

  • dream is gay

  • Where is omlet

  • Minecraft is better than fortnite And Roblox Minecraft is the best

    • Actually no, they are very different so they can't be compared

  • This remind me of wreck it Ralph break the internet

  • “In the oldest anarchy server” Me: IN MINECRAFT FitMC: why ya steal my intro cmon man

  • 5:10 this is just sad

  • 00:50 should’ve named them all 14

  • Where's Vkontakte? It's also used by foreigners but Russians mostly.


  • 0:52 POV: You shared an unpopular opinion

  • Never reject grandma or pa...they trying out here

  • Next video: companies portrayed by MC