This Minecraft Video Will Make You Worry

Објављено 26 нов 2020
Hey guys! In this Minecraft video, I'll show you the things in Minecraft that makes you worry...
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Music Used:
Stal by C418
Haggstrom by C418
Wet Hands by C418
Danny by C418
Mice on Venus by C418
Subwoofer Lullaby by C418
Trance Music for Racing Game by Bobby Cole
Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Enderman went away and never came back.. *Teleports at you and hits you while you're bridging*

  • "If u dislike the video just flip the screen" ME : *TRY IT* WOOOOOOO

  • You know why your video has dislikes it’s because the person who liked this video tried the flip version with the thumbs up.

  • It's more the transitions that scare me 2:47 that dog is incredibly smart

  • Some people forgot to flip their screen apparently

  • I'm very worried to watch this video Oh everything fine Oh everything still fine

  • 0:14 the transition scared me

  • Lol

  • :0

  • 1:15 I wasn't worried coz there was dirt all around the lava block.

  • Nooo the diamond

  • 2:28 this will make u worry 100%

  • 0:47 which sound is that please someone tell me ??


  • Btw you as most ot 1,000,000 subs

  • 😂

  • i dont have such weaknesses in this video

    • im ready to take someone’s girl who is afraid of cave sounds

  • Stop scaring me 😀😩

  • This give me anxiety

  • Here before 1 mil subs

  • This mans youtube name made me say a bad word

  • The dog gave me most worry bc I love dogs 😍😱

  • The dog one was killing me

  • When i was about to say "mama ijau/green" i then sayed IJAU/GREEN-

  • Me seeing the thumbnail: noooooo poor wolf

  • The first one I was like: "Go in the water! Pleeease just go in the water😢😭✋" 😂😂

  • 3:35 Ghast is bathing don't disturb 😂😂

  • EVEN THE THUBNAIL IS WORRING ME! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😅😅😂🤣😂😅🤣😂

  • Close to 1mil

  • Do u realise how how much worried i m rn?

  • 1:12 his house will burn soon ...

  • the red stone one made me jump

  • me:*get nervous when enderman disapears* me:*get so surprised when Dayum's character apears*

  • Literally had stacks of blocks but risking the dimond without covering the lava

  • 0:15 C418 - Cat? Was that you at the beginning of the song?

  • Ok

  • when endermen comes but disappears me:uhh yea hell nah amma just stand on water

  • Him:Digs straight down Me:Stop!you have violated the law! (It's a meme)

  • The thumbnail and the video will make you worry:

  • I know I clicked on the vid so it my fault, but WHY would you do this to us?

  • The TRIGGERED alarm is going through the roof 😤😬

  • So uh i am a total chatterbox so I was talking all day probably to myself or stuffed animals and I came across this video and it really shut me up.

  • 3:17 When your BFF betray u:

  • Me, who never tames dogs: no

  • I didnt get worried silly! I said DDDDAAAYYYUUUUMMMMMM

  • 1:47 I did some off camera mining…

  • They should show this video to terrorists.

  • Anyone else notice how he mines dirt with an AXE?

  • 2:32 this dog was Sven so thats why he lived the creeper explosion

  • Here before all the 'Wat the dog doin' comments

  • Lol when the dog crosses the wall in the ravine it’s playing peaceful music but it’s not a peaceful moment

  • U scared me with the Enderman and the wooden face 😫😫

  • 14 that log gave me a heart attack lol Edit: 0:14 * I said 14 instead of 0:14 sry

  • 5.8K people like the video

  • Legend says the player is still looking, and the enderman still out there...

  • Ghast in lava: *my goals are beyond your understandings.*

  • The title should be “this video will give you hard anxiety”

  • I got a minecraft ad and watched the whole thing.

  • Alternet title: minecraft clips that can give you hard anxiety

  • 4:35 😂 lol

  • The wolf one made me worried ÓnÒ

  • the creeper exploding near the dog scared me sm bc one of my dogs died from a creeper explosion

  • 0:15 that first jumpscared me

  • 0:45 Dream: Me:OMG JUST STOP

  • I wish everyone who clicked on this vid because of the Thumbnail a pleasant diet

  • I saw a wolf... it's remain me about my minecraft pet

  • No 1 fear that I have: *getting stuck in the nether without a flint n steel or obsidian*

  • UwU

  • 1k subscribers in 3 hours

  • 3:59 omg the toothless? ;-; plasma of the toothless How to train your dragon

  • 3:02 my dudes dog is big brain

  • 0:14 que susto achei que era o enderman kkkkk

  • There once was a enderman and it was coming for dayum but then it disappeared and was never heard of again 𓁹ᴥ𓁹

  • Yea I’m very worried -_-

  • The dream speedrun music is priceless!

  • I like this video i do this

  • #alonegaming404

  • 0:40 Cobblestone: -_-

  • That Enderman one was me playing Minecraft after I’d spent a sleepless night in a hole hunting for nonexistent sheep.

  • 🌵 can back anything

  • This vid satisfied me lol Especially the thumbnail...

  • Did anyone else get jumpscared by the second intro?

  • Wtf 1st one scared me a lot bro

  • That enderman nocliped out of reality :/

  • Me: **sees a baby zombie** Also me: Aww I cant oof you. Zombie: **murders minecraft dog** Me again: **commits genocide**

  • 4:10 mining dirt with an efficiency 5 pickaxe is the same speed as mining dirt with bare hands smh

  • This is the problem i make any pet I do not want they die

  • Yes it worries me

  • Enderman bo


  • I was worried that his head will come out of the screen any time

  • Enderman is my only weakness

  • a n x i e t y

  • Lol

  • I literally saw the words “I like this video” when you put ur mouse over the fake dislike button

  • I was dying of saying dont do it!😨

  • 2:54 the dog is well trained. He is even better than me. Lol

  • speedrunner dayum what else 2 hunters vs dayum?

  • My heart legit stopped at the moment when the dog almost fell