This Minecraft Video Will Satisfy You [Shaders Edition]

Објављено 25 дец 2020
Hey guys! In this video, I'm presenting many satisfying things in Minecraft with Shaders mod.
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Music Used:
Cat by C418
Mutation by C418
Mice on Venus by C418

The Dropper Revolution I

Shader packs used in this video:
Sildurs Vibrant Shaders


  • Maps and Shader packs used in this video are in the description, if you wanna check them out bruhs

    • I want tour PC spec

    • Nah, my device cant handle the packs bruh

    • Imagine how much detail he put into this video

    • Oi

    • Did he build it?

  • I love shaders we all do

  • Alternate title: my computer is BETTER then yours

  • 5:55 wait thats ice!?

  • 7:57 Genius

  • He's here, I can hear his footstrps!!!

  • :3

  • Those graphics are better than real life

  • Can we appreciate that clip (3:50) it was so much beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • This made my day I rate this 1 000 000/10

  • His computer is burning rn

  • Let's see how many subscribers I am going to get from this comment. Currently:9

  • 1:55 when i try ti set shaders medium with render distanze 12 on my computer

  • the nether with shaders is just the nether update trailer but prettier

  • alt title: showoff your pc edition

  • 0:05 which shaders are used here

  • 0:03 Epik cool gamer shaders dream

  • That's impresive

  • I wanna eat it I'm referring to 2:05

  • so this is..... what a dream feels like....

  • Vidieoxxx

  • Imagine playing this in VR. I am definitely gonna cry how beautiful it will.

  • ok but the shaders pack is unbelievably amazing

  • I liked that video too and this too

  • Keep doing this video bro exiletary dayum

  • Pride month: *ends* Companies: 2:06

  • *sips tea* just because I’m a Pokémon satan does not mean i’m not the king of being relaxed.

  • In the snow my heart is very calm✨😊

  • Ngl the music was more satisfying

  • I like your video you are my favourite RScycler of minecraft

  • Can you sent a link to this shaders?

  • If I installed this shader, then there would be a massive explosion. (Ancient PC)

  • 3:07

  • This must've been so fun to record

  • Who love this Shaider for me this was my favorite Mod Dayum how to install it? Can anyone please tell me?.😊 It's only for java edition?

  • This is the most satisfying video I have ever seen !

  • Wow 🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🤩🏅🤩🤩.

  • That coaster was insane

  • Cool Nice good

  • 2:52 the animation like an MOVIE

  • 1:55 that really satisfied me

  • Me: * installs the shader* Fps when i opened a world with shader: ZA WARUDO * sad cooler sounds

  • Me when download a shader: Wow! After completed and start minecraft (my pc) : Byez have a great time

  • Rip your pc

  • Soo satisfying!! Awesome

  • Me : * Who wants to watch this video in 1080p60 * RScycle : *144p take it or leave it*

  • I've seen enough, I'm satisfied

  • The computer : Go to 7:27

  • What shader did you use

  • Cool relaxing 😀

  • RTX?????????

  • cyberpunk 2077 shaders

  • It's beautiful 😭

  • This video helps me sleep

  • Makes me cry

  • So awesome!!! 😭

  • 4:00 - musical nostalgia....

  • The dropper gave me a bit of a headahce, tbh

  • 1:00 hes playing a dropper map but never makes it? Thats "sad"isfying

  • All I can say is - BEAUTIFUL

  • These Beauty Of Minecraft Made ME Cry (TwT)

  • top 1 guys ❤❤❤❤💙💙

  • 3:26 I alone haven't seen such good shaders in my life

  • 0:07 I Really Wanna Screenshot This

  • Most of the people *Fall* *Asleep*

  • Wouahhh dropper is beautiful

  • 7:41 meet the amazing minecraft

  • This vid had to take months just to set up Edit: and also everything is satisfying in shaders

  • Me at 2:52 minutes in the video : wow look at those colors Colorblind people: I found that the video title is corrupted.

  • 0:56 this destroyed my mind!

  • Dayum pc: frame per seconds my pc fire per seconds

  • Me: I will install this texture! My Computer: 3 FPS, take it or leave it.

  • Hats off dude

  • When dayum has unbreaking on his pc

  • 3:20 giving me twilight vibes Dont know why

  • Hey how to do the water walking

  • 5:58 omg he naruto

  • 4:00 the... the effort. its BEAUTIFUL MAN!

  • This is all about staring at the landscape

  • 1:40 no one: me: what it feels to chew five gum

  • A lot of hard work was done in this video but it was worth it I personally very like it

  • Don’t u just love Minecraft!

  • This video is a gate to heaven

  • It's so carm

  • E

  • It's amazing whole Minecraft in one video💎

  • Nice

  • You should make this in vr

  • I love minecraft when RTX is on

  • i almost sleep.....

  • I think the most cool thing from the video is that he filled a pillager outpost with TNT and also had a shader and his PC didn’t crashed!

  • Goooood daaaaay

  • What

  • This is so relaxing

  • Rất đẹp cho 1000 điểm đó nha

  • 1:25 was awesome

  • you used seus renewed

  • Make a vivid on life of a minecraft block

  • Is this minecraft?!

  • He's been doing all this while I'm at school