Types of Phobia Portrayed by Minecraft #3

Објављено 31 мар 2021
At long last, I'm portraying the types of phobia in Minecraft again!
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In this video, I'm going to portray different types of phobia such as fear of caves, fear of big things, fear of clouds, fear of the moon, fear of eye contact, fear of colors, fear of children, fear of being alone, fear of flowers, fear of being touched, fear of books, and fear of fire in Minecraft.



  • * when your afraid of fire , even just candles in rl * But can just do anything with fire of lava in videogames

  • pyrophobia yes I have a terrible HORRIBLE Fear of fire I get paranoid when I hear something or smell something strange and begin to panic thinking my house is gonna catch fire I hope it never

  • 2:34 that Minecraft face scared me....

  • Add apiphobia i have apiphobia plz

  • Now I know I have speluncaphobia

  • “Fear of being touched” Uh, you touched him to hit him…

  • “Fear of fire” My dude, you used fire to light up the portal

  • Lol pedophobia

  • Selenophobia: T H E M O O N I S A D E A D L Y L A Z E R

  • I'm surprised that thalassophobia wasn't shown here. Tbh, I'm kinda glad that it wasn't considering that I have severe thalassophobia and I'd have to skip it to see the rest of the video and even if I did, I'd see a bit of it while I skip through it, so thank you, Lord 😂

  • Have you ever played phobias on roblox?

  • Fear of being alone? I've been alone all my life

  • Oh, You reached million subscribers!!!

  • Daum Is british! Color Is Usa Colour Is Uk

  • Speluncaphobia ( fear of caves ) is totally me.. I once was a creepy man in a cave so I haven't played Minecraft since 😣😥

  • Im scard of geting attacked in minecraft im still scard to look at mobs in the dark scard of caves😂

  • I have a fear of caves

  • “Fear of being alone” my 2020 rewind

  • I Have Fear Of Horror Games😱Like When It's Night In Minecraft Not Horror But Scary

  • Biatch-- 999k subs-

  • Me: I am scared of caves and moons. Them: We're used to it.

  • Gray is a color to

  • 0:03 megalophobia is fear of skeletons

  • I have fear of caves and when i die i just go and let the monsters kill me 😂

  • I gues I have Speluncaphobia (fear of caves)

  • I read the first one as megalovania lol

  • 0:04: *exists* My brain: Is this an Undertale reference?

  • U almost in 1 mil YAYYU

  • 2:37 XD

  • 5:27 o-o

  • He forgot to mention the heightophobia: fear of height

  • noobs phobia: tryhardphobia

  • Herophobia afraid of herobrine

  • Im scared of the minecraft caves i just feel like theres gonna be a monster comming out of them

  • Perafobia

  • :(

  • Im scared of going into cave

  • Me i am serious idunno what happening pf my body something cringe when i heard creepy or sound of stone but idunno ?

  • Fact: biblioteca (idk how to spell) means library in Spanish

  • My type of phobhia = FEAR OF SPIDERS

  • Selenophobia sounds like having fear of Selena Gomez

  • I fear of cave mining ⛏️

  • I am le fear of caves (* ̄︶ ̄)

  • I have a fear of caves

  • Hey dayum is your slimebruh is your friend? And i love your video 😍😍

  • My only "phobia" is size, I'm scared of small spaces and big things... like ocean trenches.

  • I have the autophobia

  • Im scared of cave sounds too :(

  • 3:43 I definitely have this so 1.18 will be a nightmare for me

  • 2:57 Techno blade :

  • The last one was sad tho-

  • I was expecting thalassophobia to be here lmao

  • I have fear of cave and i hate it :(

  • I fear caves

  • Fear of Children = *Pedo* phobia **Deep sigh** Why does it have to do children like that?

  • The Monster Mobs: am I a joke to you? Me: *used to be scared of them and block myself around a tree untill morning* and i also have a fear of being alone a bit in life :c

  • Fear of cave is me😭😭

  • Lol, that super secret settings how you gonna mine ores without knowing

  • *looks at enderman* *SOMEBODY GOING TO DIE TONIGHT

  • Ima fear of caves

  • I fear Minecraft Mobs....Creepers and Drowned Zombies...Especially Drowned Zombies

  • Caves are scary man

  • Noice

  • *I have those 😀*

  • Lol before I was scared of going out of my house afraid if it will turn night. I am still scared a little tho.

  • Oh god- the little minio- VILLAGERS* are getting BURNT!

  • Me dont like cave cause it have ambience and scary

  • Me realising that the settings has also brown colour in the fear of colour

  • Fall a phobia

  • Go to hell! Sorry...

  • I got fear of caves

  • I have the fear of caves -_-

  • If a minecraft was fun game but actuly i love minecraft because its so beautiful game im going to download him thanks =)???

  • 2:12 those windows are cursed 💀

  • i have scophobia and it is really annoying. bcz ppl keep saying im arrogant or smtg

  • When you have Speluncaphobia : i really want that iron but i need a *L O T* of torches first 😀

  • Nah i aint doin caves man i dont wanna diee✋😭

  • I have the cave phobia

  • 8:07 México moment

  • I am scared to go in caves and I am scared of every mob in minecraft 😭😭😭😓😿😿

  • Now i know endermans have scopophobia

  • 0:03, *when you thought it was MEGALOVANIA...*

  • Me: flinching everytime there's a sound like 0:46😆

  • My fear is being alone in the dark

  • I'm the one who is scared of caves even if theres torches are been place 🤯

  • And those children just disappeared I don't know how I don't know why I but they just disappeared

  • Me: finds a cave The cave: dark Me: NOPE

  • Close to 1m

  • 0:42 Captions: Hey.

  • I’m literally afraid of caves tho-

  • Fear of fire but in the skit, he uses flint & steel lmao🤣

  • why does he have a flint and steel in is hotbar if he's afraid of fire 4:29

  • I have Speluncaphobia in Minecraft

  • The lazy jogging alarmingly jog because cause arthroscopically meddle to a bored distributor. bewildered, parallel chord

  • No offense to people who have the fear of children, but once in your life you were a child soooooooo....... my brain confused

  • Fear of being alone is just so cute and sad like my comment if u agree

  • I have autophobia xd

  • 4:10 That BRUH scared me more than the cave sound 😅

  • Spelunky - Cave game Speluncaphobia - Me: *WOW*