Types of Youtubers Portrayed by Minecraft #1

Објављено 3 мар 2021
Hey bruhs, I present to you the different types of RScyclers portrayed in Minecraft! If you enjoy, remember to smash like and subscribe.
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Music Used:
Breeze by Aden
Stal by C418
Trance Music for Racing Game by Bobby Cole
Carefree by Kevin MacLeod
Investigation by Kevin MacLeod
Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod
Breaktime by Kevin MacLeod
Volatile Reaction by Kevin MacLeod
If I Had a Chicken by Kevin MacLeod
Hitman by Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Maps Used:
Patriotville \u0026 Freedom County City map by Poison__Ivy

In this video, I'm portraying different types of youtubers such as life hack channels, family friendly channels, investing channels, annoying noob vs pro vs hacker channels, Logan Paul, cooking and baking channels and finally speedrunners such as Dream.


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  • Fun fact: for some reason people get pinned just by saying pin me or saying the youtuber's name 3 times!

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  • The "life hacks" literally makes thing harder than it is

  • He did a slight mess up making cake, he just needs to rewatch the video


  • /kill @e[type=ender_dragon] KILLED 9 ENTITIES

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  • People double click W to run?

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  • 5:30 i get it, dream cheated, but it's not fun to make fun of him over and over, MA GAWD it gets annoying

  • Why it is too relatable 😅

  • wait what does the killed 9 entities mean when the “speed runner” killed the dragon THERES only 1!

    • @Ruel Ventura yea that’s what I thought.

    • @helloianimate but he only typed ender dragon maybe the word ender gets classified as an item or an another mob

    • @narancia ghirga a chunk is a 16 x 16 block, and 8 enderman and the ender dragon were in that chunk.

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    • ugh he killed the enderman that were in the same chunk.

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  • 1:06 plot twist: A Apple didn’t fall on Newton. A creeper did.

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  • if ur money was based on ur credit card number how much money would u have

  • Now we know dream is a scam!!! LOL

  • ah yes, the old cringe like mining

  • Technically when dayum punches a tree it’s murder


  • 16:20 why trade gold when you can directly get ender pearls from the chest

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  • Fun fact:tired of killing iron golems make an iron farm

  • Life hacks hack are life

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  • Dayum: "/kill ender_dragon" Chat log: *Killed 9 entities* *_hol up_*

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  • 5:11 that's clearly fake dream'd wear the armor inside the portal to save time instead of wasting his time wearing it and *then* building the portal

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  • The Logan Paul one tho-

  • 5:09 a moment of silence for the kids who believed this

  • don't double tap w, do ctrl w --- or alt f4

  • The command he used to kill only the ender dragon killed 8 other entities. Did they kill the crystals or is something else going on?

    • The dragon is actually 9 different entities, controlled by 1 ai

  • 7:32 killed 9 entities were there 9 dragons XD

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  • Everything is pretty accurate

  • That's got to be the best speed runner i have ever seen Or so it would seem


  • What does the teacher ask us to do? Read more

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  • life hack channels are so F****** dumb man its just like: Need to pee? heres a bottle. LIFE HACK

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  • 7:32 Y does it say 9 entities wen there is only one dragon?


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  • Steve: **kills the dragon through commands** Console: *killed nine entities*

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  • "Too lazy to find iron? Well you can kill an iron golem instead!" The people who know this and have farms for everything: hmmmmm.... Noobs: i think it's made of solid iron, so i should be able to kill it easily by punching it. Me: yes you can, but is losing like all my items.